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they call it most outrageous video of the year. that is all of the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us for this special edition of manity. thank you for being with us. have a great night. thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. a fast track for tough travel air security rules beginning in just hours travelers are going to find themselves facingen any way of security measures. the measures target fliers from countries that sponsor or tolerate terrorism. the rules require enhanced screening for those requiring -- they will come in a week after the failed christmas bomb attack. i am kimberly guilfoyle. this is geraldo at large. geraldo is off this evening. we will talk more about the rules and what they mean. joining me is retired colonel of the united states marine corps bill cowan. director of terrorism law alcott
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and from the rig began be administration casey mcfarland. what's going on with these rules? >> it's about time.ed we should have done this right after the september 11th attacks. the problem with what we have done is we have been looking for stuff to make bombs out of what we should have been looking for is terrorists. we will be a step behind if what we are looking for is the way they set off the last bomb or the last threat. we have to start profiling not racial profiling but we have to profile looking for terrorists. >> sounds like our whole approach is wrong. >> otherwise you will always be behind. you will never be ahead of what's the next thing they are thinking of. you have to look at the people. >> you are always fighting the last war as they say about generals. >> we will bring in a colonel now. what do you think about this? >> i love what casey is saying. she is absolutely right. we are dealing with a sophisticated enemy. every time we find a
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technological way to thwart him we are playing catchup ball kwuns bonce again. we are not doing any profiling but it's not little old ladies blowing the planes up. some profiling has to be a part of a safe and secure system in order to make it work. >> why do you think they are in such disfavor the word profiling we are not supposed to use it. there's a list of words we can't use now. >> political correctless. it's absolute. sure it's offensive to some people if they are being profiled. i was a hard-core motorcycle biker before harleys became the inthing. i know what it's like to be profiled when every cop sees you ride by in a motorcycle to see what you are up to. the fact of the matter is anybody being profiled even me in those days doesn't want to be profiled. in this instance the safety and security of american citizens and other people flying airplanes we have to take
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measures we might not otherwise like to do. >> seems like we are worried totoo much about being a politically correct nation. instead we are looki -- putting the lives of americans in jeopardy. >> security is a multi layered process. my position is if you are trying to stop them at the airport you are too late. stop them before they get to the airport. you need to adopt the israeli model. that involves a lot of legwork. this administration finally realized over the year colorado, text a-washington, d.c., florida, they finally get it. we need a proper tone from this administration that war on terror is real and individuals are here that they want to kill us in large numbers and the president needs to change it back and tell us that we are at war. >> i think that that's an extremely important point to remember. this is a war. it's not a lot of isolated incidents. this is not a lot of accidents. these are people who have been trained, they have been radicalized.
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they have goals and their goals are to kill americans. they don't wear uniforms. they don't use weapons the way we think of war in the cold war sense or world war ii cen 2 sen. that's why it's so upsetting that we are treating them as if they are civilians. we are treating them as american citizens giving them full rights. >> we have d reversed. >> we have it all wrong. we should be treating these people in military tribunals hearing them in cases in courts that are not on the national news every night. what they are talking about doing now not only with the shape they are going to try in new york but the detroit bomber. if he had gotten off that plane he was talking to the ffbi. he said there are more like me coming from yemen who are coming after you. he got his miranda rights read to him and the lawyer said stop talking. wouldn't it be nice if we could have found out who, when, where,
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why? >> i think it was a lost opportunity we can't regain it. that's part of the problem. the whole approach is flawed. >> the same rights and privileges of law abiding u.s. citizens. >> at a disadvantage. from every attack they have had there is never just one. there are always more. >> that's true. what's the problem. what's the next one? the united states announcing it is closing its embassy in yemen. melanie wilkes has this report. >> they are in yemen both the u.s. and british closing their embassies there because of al qaeda threats. white house counter terror advisor john bren nonsays there are -- brennen said al qaeda could be a target and he is not going to take chances with diplomats live. >> there are indication they are targeting our embassy an personnel. we are not going to take chances with the lives of the diplomats.
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al qaeda has been trying to carry on attacks in the last months. >> he is leading the white house review of how someone carrying explosives got on board a detroit bound plane. this was a failure to connect the docks. >> there was nothing to tell us that whatsoever. it was the failure to integrate and piece together those pits and pieces of information. >> they have drawn criticism with republican lawmakers who would like to see the case handled through military commissions. >> this is not a case of criminal trials we tried that in the 90s after the first embassy bombings, cole attack. this is war and it's time that we reacted to the war attacks that are coming at us. >> meantime british television didn't think he was enough of a threat to notify the americans.
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the prit tish prime minister have agreed to back a joint counter-terrorism police unit in yemen. >> colonel i am going to come to you on this. you spent a good deal of to timn the middle east. was there a threat in yemen or was this a cushion nature remember. we were in two predator strikes in wrem men before the september 25th a-september president to bring the airliner down. we knew something about a nigerian guy. my sense is we are running good intelligence operations signal intelligence and ground intelligence more than what is revealed to the public. on the basis of that kind of intelligence closing down the embassy shutting it down for a few days is probably the right thing to do. >> only just a couple of days. if what with do we have an idea
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of an eminent attack fine. close it down and make sure people reopen it. >> they had no embassy relations with member then. you want to run 2sh 2sh what you really want is the embassy that provide cover for spies. >> are we aplow allowed to say on the set? >> it would hurt you are intelligence on the ground. you have to have a strong hold. you don't know what a bunch of eyes going to gu to you you? he heard about what was happening in the meeting as he as intelligence of where we are at and we don't want to have a president there. >> exactly. you use the word al qaeda. it's al qaeda central in person
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pakistan. there are tens of thousands of people affected by the training virus. they haven't met osama bin laden. with regard to ill tell against absolutely. this is a war of intelligence. five individuals knew where to go to western pakistan. al qaeda, taliban they are accepted because they are afraid of double agents. it's hard for us to get any human intelligence to break the code on these people. that's one of the reasons we are having difficulties on the war on terror. not to mention again the president will not tell us this is a war on radical islam. until he takes the bull by the horns. close the barn door after the animals get out of the barn. >> here's the wrb tz problem. we are getting the intelligence we had the information ahead of time even back in october about somebody coming a nigerian trained in yemen al qaeda put him up to it explosi closeive -
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explosive devices. to hear brennan minimizing saying we got information we would have put things together. the system works. come on. those are serious problems. if you have the intelligence, use it. >> i was astounded when i watched his interview we had intelligence but nobody told us it would be on airliners. let's get ahead of this, they do. if you don't have it you are not protecting the american people. i encourage we have one to look at. number one, we have to understand it's a war, we have to understand that we have to think creatively about how they think about doing things. the second thing is we have to let our agencies talk to each other. what were the two biggest problems they had the
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intelligence they didn't connect the dots. >> thank you in the panel thank you for joining me. the war of wars between the former rice president and members of the obama administration just got even uglier. that story straight ahead. ún
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>> the obama administration's response to the failed christmas bombing at northwest airlines has a boatload of criticism from the gop including dick cheney who unleashed ott president president. as i watched the events of the last few days it is clear once again that president obama is trying to pretend we are not awar. he seems to think if we have a low key response to an attempt to blow up an airliner to kill 14u7b people we are not at war. he seems to think if we get rid of the words war on terror we won't be at war. we are at war and when president
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obama pretends we aren't it makes us more unsafe. shawn brennan ran to the administration's offense this morning and unloaded on the former gp. >> either the vice president is willfully miss characterizing this president's position in terms of the language uses and actions he has taken or he is looking at the past in either case doesn't bowed well with what the vice president is doing. former chief democratic counsel joul yen epstein and angie tentaros. cheney is taking a vocal position. we didn't see this in the beginning of the obama administration. he is stepping up the rhetorrhe> we know this is a serious issue dick cheney skredible on issues of homeland security and security policy.
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rob be bert gibbs came out last week and said don't politicize this please let's not have a tug of war. we need to have a tug of war. we need to investigate and demand answers. dick cheney coming out saying i need business. the administration almost worked in excess of trying to keep them safe. they criticized we are going way over board. no matter what you think about what they are doing and not doing the obama administration credibility on this issue is shaky we have seen that with their response. the american people need to feel safe. dick cheney keeps going and republicans should play tug of war on this issue. democrats are bungaling it. >> julienne your response? >> i am disappointed to hear andrea saying that. i respect a great deal of what she says. he's like old man potter in the movie "it's a wonderful life" to most people he's a grumpy old man. the major complaint about the
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obama administration is not what they are doing against terrorism but the language. what american people want is democrats and republicans to both stop playing politics. democrats could respond in kind to dick cheney and say the republicans didn't fix the airport security system didn't fix the screening commission d they are sick and tired don't want dem kragts to blame and taking cheap shots at the obama administration. you have a seni senior republic the issue of fundraising matters. there are a number of things that need to be done. i don't think the administration handled this particularly well. i think what the president should do starting tomorrow when everybody gets back to washington call together the congressional leadership and say what are the things we need to do? we need to get the airport screening system with better system in place.
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privacy takes a second seat to national security. democrats have to be right on the issue of security coming before privacy. we have to fix the intelligence systems. we have to fix a whole host of other things the 9-11 commission recommended and do it in a by partisan way. all of this political stuff that andrea is putting out there. >> it's more than just name calling. dick cheney is not name calling. he is not name calling. he's stating a fact. barack obama had a missed opportunity to try this guy as an enemy combatant. funtd fundamental beliefs that are different. republicans believe it's important to protect the citizens not the rights of enemy combatants. >> you don't think democrats hear that. >> the own security advisor and see that he is lawyered up and negotiating now. why are we neglect waiting with them. i tell you what you think
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waterboarding is so terrible. what's terrible is with a plane flies into a building or the building blows up. >> this isn't a repful debates. we know torture is not an effective way>> there's an argument to be made either tribunals or justice system. >> when we do we see we are getting almost 99 percent incinerate. effective information the intelligence community may move. the same made by lawyers with due respect you have never practiced in this area. each statements made by people -- >> i have to wrap it up. >> they have no idea how the legal system works saying this is going to compliment. >> (talking over one another)
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>> we are going to leave the it there. new details em morgues into the harrowing moments. there are new questions about the investigation into james arthur ray. why have police not spoken with him yet? wait. fedex has ground shipping? oh, that's right. you just woke up from a 23-year coma. yeah, it was a long one. did i miss anything? uh, the cold war ended. [ man ] pluto's no longer a planet. culture club broke up. the berlin wall came down. wait. the club bre up? i never saw them live. that was too soon. what have i done? [ male announcer ] we understand. you need it there fast. fedex ground.
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>> that was james arthur ray perhaps criminal self help guru who made national news when three people died at a sweat lodge in arizona. there could be more victims. con owe way died after falling from a third story railing at a shopping mall where she was taking part in another events. an apparent suicide but her parents have a lot of questions. craig rivera spoke with them recently. >> what do you think happened? any idea? >> something must have happened saturday morning is all i can say. if something happened friday night or friday she went to her
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motel room that evening. she would have called us. she would have had her cell phone and been in her own surroundings. saturday they took everything away. she had nothing. i don't know. in my head did something happen? if it didn't happen why all of the cover up? that's what didn't make sense. if nothing out of the ordinary happened if they didn't see this coming if things like that didn't happen before why the cover up? why didn't they report her missing? why did it take 7 hours? why in the world did they make several phone calls to a dead person's cell phone when they had the phone and they knew she was dead. this was after they knew positively she was identified. those are the things that don't make sense. >> you think there's some sort of a coverup? they are trying to cover their tracks? >> it sure appears to be. there is an employee there that used to work for james ray and she was told that that went
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to -- quit asking questions about my sister. she was in charge of this event. she was told by james ray to quit asking questions their attorneys have told them don't be letting people know we are asking questions about this. colleen is fine she is not returning to the seminar. this was after they knew she was dead. why say things like that? the questions don't make sense. their actions don't neighboring sense. >> this was not a woman who was suicid suicidal. she this two weeks out on her day planner she was starting this fwis. she had advertising out for the business. she was building a client base. where we live about 4 hours from the airport she flu in and out of. when i went to the car she had a lunch in the seat. that's not somebody who's planning a suicide. we would like answers. >> joining me is editor lynn
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lamaser and prime time experts criminal defense attorney arthur idala, prosecutor joey jackson private investigator consult can't 48-hours mystery joe marrow. lady's first. tell us more about the connection between colleen con owe way's untimely death and james arthur ray? >> well, colleen con no way was a fall follower of james ray an committed suicide supposedly and that was a few days before the sweat lodge. >> was there any specific facts or evidence to suggest that she did in fact -- this isn't somebody who suicidal sheechl has stuff in hoar daybodaybook,s made. why did she decide to quit suicide? >> i would ask no idea why. evidently there was an eye witness that saw her commit
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suicide and jump over the rail who is part of the group is what my research has indicated. but he didn't recognize her, didn't know she was part of that group. >> what else can you tell us about it. you had the police report that had pretty horrifying details in it. >> yes. are you talking about the -- the sweat lodge incident there were 60 people crammed into a space about 400 square feet. there are times somebody said oh, this person has passed out and james ray evidently just said we will take care of him later don't worry about it. they will be fine. the approach to health and safety seemed to be lacking in this circumstance. >> by the body count completely absent. i am going to bring in our prime time panel on this arthur and joey. >> criminally neglect homicide
10:27 pm
depraved ifrn difference to human life these are charges that a prosecutor, zealous prosecutor should be looking a. he did the same sweat lodge a year ago people passed out got sick. he knew this type of c behavior could cause serious physical injury. >> or death. >> or death. he put it on the other side. >> kimber kimberly it's outrage. i am all for preexercise cause, all of the rest much it but it has to take second fiddle when you are dealing with someone's life. he was reckless and depraved. people are painting and vomiting saying they need medical care, mede cal treatment. ufz to take care of people's livesnd exercise cushion. stand by, up next... oh they
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have been opening fire on us complete surprise. it was like a terrorist attack. a big arrest in the case of the thanksgiving massacre. o
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>> there are indications al qaeda is planning an attack. offshoot of this terror group is believed to be hiebdz the attempted airline bombing over detroit. a-at the pres a-america's most wanted show leads to the arrest of a man. the owners of a florida keys motel where marriage was staying
10:31 pm
was saw in a video clip. he was want ford the murders in the death of his cousin's murder. i am mary ann silver back to geraldo at large. >> the man who police say shot and killed four members of his family including his pregnant sister and 6-year-old cousin on thanksgiving day sits in a jail tonight in florida held without bond on 4 charges of murder. phil keating has the amazing story of his capture. >> kimberly, u.s. marshals say marriage had no idea last night was the night they were going to storm into his hotel room and make this big apprehension of one of fbi's pop 15 most wanted. they say he was hold up in there for weeks with his mattress stacked up against the front door so you couldn't get in and he had a supply according to investigators of jars of peanut butter beans and figure newt
10:32 pm
tans in order to live on because he wasn't leaving. merhige paid cash up front, shaved his head grew a beard and asked his room not be cleaned. they recognized him as the fugitive featured on the show "america's most wanted." paul merhige is accused of killing 3 people all family members in jupiter, florida. he was the subject of a nationwide manhunt merhige's car was concealed by a tarp. he ran to the bathroom to hide and a resident fond him north beach county where he is being held without bond. merhige planned out this quadruple murder by withdrawing cash $12,000 before the attack and buying guns and retrieving his passport at his pair rint's
10:33 pm
house. merhige was unstable on prescription psychiatric medication. a couple domestic violence complaints in the 90s. kimberly? >>ing thanks, phil. co executive producer of "america's most wanted" i love your show. he joins us from our dc bureau. thank you for being with us tonight. can you walk us through how the tip came in? >> i want to start briefly with a very slight but important correction especially in criminal cases precise facts are important. paul merhige is on the u.s. marshal's 15 most wanted list not fbi most wanted list. it was the marshall's that took the accused killer down. america's most wanted work the theory you can run but you can't
10:34 pm
hide. if you deputize all. burn his image into people's minds eventually somebody is going to find that guy. that's what our hope with us last night. third time actually mentioned it in this case. a couple weeks back we went down to florida, met then. it was heartbreaking to talk to people who were in such pain. we would do anything we could within our power. he did the story he showed people paul merhige right before the show went on the air this couple that rents hotels in long key not regular watchers of the news they were watching on fox and a news flash came on from the local fox station cont tonn america's most wanted we will have more on paul merhige. wait a minute isn't that the guy who has been in the room up stairs since december 2nd for almost a month. i happened to be sitting at dinner with the deputy marshall
10:35 pm
in charge of the investigation when the call came through through the hotline. they had just gotten done telling me there was nothing going on in this case and it was a dead-end and they were hoping the airing of this case would do something. i watched the color drain out of the face. this is for real. the tipsters looked at the car described the car and described the license plate. when he heard the lieutenants plate number it was actually not the license plate we have been telling people to look for, but he w ran the plate and it came back to wall merhige's father. we kn know they made sure other people are staying around moved or went out to dinner. we are sitting in the hotline listening them to their home. knowing this guy had bought
10:36 pm
weapons. they were ready for anything and wanted the element of surprise. >> they were wabl to do that. i am going to bring in my paneled. >> the amount of time that passed before they actually apprehended them they had a chance to put all of the evidence together and make sure this person fits into all of that evidence and hopefully now they have a strong case in florida death penalty, eligible state and this tragetragedy, whatever. it will be a porible ending. >> the guy was deranged and out of his mind. it was dropped and a lot of people will be why was it dropped? often times we insided them over for thanksgiving. would would think in a million years. >> after eating the turkey.
10:37 pm
>> that's very important to point out that paul merhige had not been invited to the meal. he showed up unexpectedly. he was estranged from theish you. >> he was invited in because it was thanksgiving. they decided to open their home and maybe after all of this time maybe he would come back for the family. describe for us watching him watch little mckaymckayla sings songs. even moms and a murderer and i just hope there isn't any kind of insanity defense or technicality. >> they are going to try to do it. hopefully he will get what he has coming to him. oo was an alert sis zen. perhaps you can help them find this baby. gabriel johnson has been missing since december 26th. his mother was arrested in
10:38 pm
connection with his disappearance but no sign he was one. >> thank you for being with me are they any closer to finding a baby? >> our investigate toeshs are working till ge diligently in t investigation. our main goal and number one goal is to get gabriel back safely. >> joe more is joining us from poseidon. i didn't get any information onned last story>> i had a lot of great things to say about the last two stories. on this one they should focus ob elizabeth johnson. here's another situation where a darling mother forgets what it's like to be a mother. really i think what's happening with these types of stories we are hearing more of them on almost a daily basis is mothers
10:39 pm
who would not taken their children as being number one part of their lives. people think life is about me, myself and i. unfortunately these children are suffering from it. >> he brings up a good point, right? this is the problem we see children having -- >> the kid with brazil taken there illegally. people are defying. the authority has found the most -- what's good here is that it's across the state lines fbi is involved federal crime, kidnapping. the potential punishment is much greater than the state system. >> you think the kid is okay
10:40 pm
being sec queueded by the family. >> you -- oun or two things. if i can't have this kyled no one else is going to or the child secluded in the family. as often said statistics don't bear that out i think the bakts fare out. in most cases she is not talking but we have to know where what sudden people do now. call what hotline? >> they can call us directly at 480-350-4811. or they can remain anonymous. >> are you getting any tips in a lot of information that will is
10:41 pm
ep to recently confirm that elizabeth and baby gabriel where between december 22nd, 26th or 27th. we are trying to verify that. we have established she was at a studio home gate studio and suites and also a quality inn in the area of san antonio no. she was scheduled to check out on the 27th. she did lead it is unknown if you leave the 26th and 27 lt. that's the information they had. >> could you confirm that she may have been trying to give them function. >> we have received om nr that they were trying to give out of
10:42 pm
attention, at this point they say not giving us speefkts or the location of -- i have a father that is concerned and all he wants is his baby back. >> i can only mooj. d -- i can only image. if you have information contact the sergeant's counsel. wi a bambling debt being responded these days it's the reality of sports. steven a. myth has his statest ports scandals in the news. oh, that's kyle. he aced his fifth grade geography class. you see, now that we're using fedex to ship globally, i have to learn all the countries again, so i brought in kyle as a consultant. did you know that we have customers in czechoslovakia? actually, it's called the czech republic.
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>> he lost a player who was suffering from a conclusion in the closet. my next guest has strong opinions on that. thank you for being with us tonight. what is the deal the coach needs to be fired? >> that remains to be seen because of the agenda the university of texas tech had behind it. fact of the matter is it was' agreei agree gus you don't lock somebody in the locker room. that's not a intelligent thing to do when it's the son of a
10:46 pm
noted college football analyst for abc and espn who happens to cover your sport. it's not the most intelligent thing in the world. >> i would like to call that a bone head move. right? >> it's definitely a bone head move. not only that to come on national television sand talk about a kid in the manner he did that wreaks of sour grapes. on the other hand you look at texas tech when had he coached that bowl game this past saturday he would have gotten an $800,000 check. number two, he was still owed 10 million of a 5 year, $12.7 million contract. it seems as if it was convenient for them to want to get out of a contract with an individual they didn't like to begin with. that's why i say there was a question mark. >> nothing gets past you. >> it would have been one thing if that was the only problem. in other words, if there was 800 thousand on the table and another millionaire, what this guy did was egregious.
10:47 pm
i don't care if your father is president or janitor or anybody else. >> it's football. >> the guy had a concussion, he is standing there no medically accepted technology would suggest that that is the way in which you treat someone with a concussion. you could exacerbate their condition. i dare to say, kick berle, firing may be the worst of his problems because he could face reckless endangerment. >> personal foul right there. >> personal foul. >> personal foul. >> let's physical low t -- phys low the money. we are talking about millions of dollars on the line. the most egregious thing he did is go on television and talk about the kid and the kid's character. we covered a case of a high school coach who a kid died on the football field. >> he may deprive him of water he deprived him of water and the kid died. we are not anywhere close to that. >> under no circumstance do you
10:48 pm
take a person who has a conclusion you lo -- concussionu lock him in a closet and have him stay there. what else could happen? >> usually they put them back on the field. >> thank you. thank you. >> in the nfl they put them back on. >> hey, he's sipping the gatorade we have to take a break, too. >> there will be depositions to see whether or not he was only fired to save that money. >> joe, what do you make of it? >> all i can say is the coach better stay away from craig james. i remember when he was playing game at new england he might get dope slapped. sounds like that coach was stupid what he said in that press conference. >> steven smith how do they work this out? >> you work it out he is going to appeal this decision. he is going to talk about damage to his reputation because usually in a situation like this it will be very, very difficult
10:49 pm
for a college coach to get a new job. you have to go into a pair ript's home with these allegations hanging over his head. he will try to get the contract situation settled. i knows they open him $10 million. if you are mike leach you want every penny of those dollars. you want the $10 million if nothing else. you want to get paid. certainly he is going to appeal the decision. they are going to take it to court and work out some kind of settlement and he will get additional funds in his pocket. they will fine him which means they were trying to say they should not owe him anything of the remaining four years of approximately 10 million on his contract. that's utterly absurd. >> they don't want to pay cash. they are going to settle it. >> his conduct was abhorrent. >> you have to stand by. up next the wild west comes to the washington wizards. the baffling story of two nba stars pulling guns on each other in the locker room. one is set to talk to police
10:50 pm
tomorrow. the firearms fallout next. #ñ#ñ#ñ
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10:52 pm
>> the investigation, da's that's what i have to deal with. >> have you spoken to them yet? >> no, not yet. i will deal with that on my day.
10:53 pm
i am oo goof ball. that's what i am. during something like this i am going to make fun of it. that's how i am. some people say i am not taking it serious, but why be depressed at home when i can just make myself laugh. >> you crying inside? >> no, not yet. not yet. i will wait to see what the da says. >> to the police it's no laughing matter. because two players for the washington wizards reportedly pulled guns on each other in a locker room in a dispute over gambling debt. it was kept quiet nothing reported to the police nba officials were kept in the dark until a report in the post of course. once again we are joined by fox radio host steven a smith. how outrageous is the story? >> couple things important to point out. number one it was an act of stupidity. he's a very nice guy but this was a stupid thing to do. secondly i spoke to an nba
10:54 pm
official and they said where is the authority they were not amade aware of something. that's out the way now. now here is what it comes down to with gilbert aur reas arenus. it was for something less than $500. he approached him wanted some of his money back. supposedly the next day he came into a the locker room and gilbert arenas had a gun not sure if he pointed it in his face isn't clear whether he had other weapons in the locker room out another the locker stall but at the end of the gay day what it comes down to is the issue of carrying a concealed weapon and concealing a concealed weapon. local out thorities are involved u.s. attorney's office is involved. this is a guy that just signed a 6 year, $11 million contract over a year ago. if he is convicted of any kind
10:55 pm
of federal offense whatsoever the washington wizards then have to right to void his contract which means this incident could very well have cost gilbert arenas $100 million for something less than $500. >> the money is flying out the window tonight. i can't believe it. so stupid. $500 gambling? what was that? >> maybe his individual liberty and freedom. >> look at plaxico burris. he shot himself and had to go to jail. >> the money may be the least of his concerns. there's still so many questions that have yet to be answered and i am sure they will be in the coming days. if the gun is not licensed not registered even if it is if he is using it in a menacing or unlawful way he still has problematic -- he has concerns. >> let me go back to my day job being a criminal defense attorney. why would any lawyer allow his client to speak to the authorities? >> i can answer that.
10:56 pm
i can answer that. the lawyer has absolutely nothing to do with this? according to my sources before gilbert arenas acquired legal representation he tweeted to the world about what he had actually done. >> okay, that's fine. the damage is done. now you tell him shut up you are not saying anything to any authorities you are going to walk in and say hi, how are you? i am here. i need to surrender. >> he should lawyer up. >> you remember tiger woods the number one issue -- i know it's an old story but they were saying he was going to talk tomorrow to authorities. all of a sudden he got a lawyer. that will be the next thing. >> minutian gnaw defense. >> tiger woods didn't talk because of the authorities or anything like that. tiger woods didn't talk because he didn't want to be seen because he had gotten beat down by his wife and didn't want the
10:57 pm
public to see him. >> no one wants to be like hey i got a beat down. check me out. >> anything he could do is lawyer up if he is possible criminal charges on his way. the attorney is right. you better lawyer up and shut up because you are certainly going to find yourself in problems. you are pulling a gun on someone you don't do that. if he is not license to do carrie the gun there will be federal charges. >> whether you are a nice guy or not you don't do it. >> kimberly? >> i got one more piece of bad news for you. even after all of this is going down. even when he is scheduled to meet with the u.s. attorney's office tomorrow and the police, the man still tweeted today after watching the segment. >> felony stupid. okay? here's my other bad news. that's the end of the show. it has been so much fun gentlemen. thank you very much. see you later. >> thank you. >> that's it for us tonight.
10:58 pm
geraldo will be back next week. you don't want to miss that. thank you for watching. hope you have a healthy and happy 2010 and gentlemen behavior when you leave the studio tonight. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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